VHS Memories: Garfield’s Halloween Adventure

Eddie Spaghetti

The Spaghetti household had no small stack of videotapes.  They were plentiful and I’d say 80 percent were homemade compilations featuring countless hours of Universal Horror films following Twilight Zone shows or episode after episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  My father was a guru at making these to such perfection; no commercial breaks and only smooth transitions.  Mr. Spaghetti also created kids-themed tapes for my sister Betty and I, consisting usually of mixed cartoons, Three Stooges shorts, and the odd t.v. special or two.  Screw the video store: we had Dad.

We each had two specific tapes with our names on them: Little Eddie’s containing solely Disney toons (including one about being energy efficient) while Betty had her own full of various films and t.v. specials.  I had mentioned this magnificent cassette in previous editions of VHS Memories, briefly touching on another feature on the very same tape that became a staple in my yearly holiday tradition: Garfield’s Halloween Adventure.

            These were up since July.

Quit the bickering, I know Halloween is still weeks away but If dollar stores and craft-marts can put up their spooky merch then I figure I’m in the clear.  On that note, I could technically talk about Christmas too.  Garfield’s Christmas is a classic in its own right, but just doesn’t have what his Halloween romp has and that’s a pursuit humans and cats can relate to: the quest for candy.

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure features our favourite lazy orange cat and his loyal companion Odie venturing out on Halloween night to trick-or-treat.  They wind up visiting an abandoned house and meet a crazy old man who talks of pirates and treasure.  I’ll leave the synopsis at that and let you decide on watching the entire thing after reading this article; I already have four times in the process of writing it.

Maybe its the music, maybe its the story, I don’t know but it just all works for me.  Lou Rawls performing as Garfield’s singing voice is like Morgan Freeman portraying God or Angus Scrimm as The Tall Man: it just makes sense.  The creepy old man’s ghost story always frightened me as a child and that voice of his still triggers a few goosebumps when he recites it to me, Garfield, and Odie every year.  Sadly, the tape was copied over eventually to make way for Earth: Final Conflict episodes but the memory, like many, was not taped-over.

Here’s a PSA on Trick or Treat Safety featuring Garfield!


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