Does the World of Prometheus and Blade Runner Co-Exist!?

Chris Savage

That’s a question which has been making the interwebs for the past few months or so. I remember back in March or April some chatter regarding Prometheus and Blade Runner crossing over, but to be honest I kind of just fobbed it off not thinking too much about it.

But, there appears to be more information surfacing, and while all this is simply speculation at this time, it is still very interesting to take into consideration. Now, I absolutely loved Prometheus, and I thought it was a great quasi-prequel to Alien, despite a few hiccups along the way. But could Blade Runner and Prometheus actually co-exist?

Well, the guys over at ScreenCrush via Reddit, have scored a screenshot of some text which apparently appears as an Easter egg on the upcoming UK Blu-ray/DVD Steelbook Edition, which indicates a possible connection with Blade Runner through Eldon Tyrell of Tyrell Corporation.

If this is indeed a connection, we should be taking a closer look at Ridley Scott’s planned Blade Runner sequel, as things could get really interesting, or just utterly confusing.

Anyway, check out the text and see what you think, and also chime in with your opinions, would a Prometheus/Blade Runner connected film be a good idea?


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