Official Trailer for Uwe Boll’s ‘Zombie Massacre’

Chris Savage

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the name Uwe Boll, and quite often the name is associated with films that haven’t been that well received. But, you just have to admire the mans tenacity as he continues to push out genre films whether you like them or not.

Considering his track record, Zombie Massacre actually looks pretty decent, but then again, this one was directed by Marco Ristori & Luca Boni, with Uwe Boll serving as a producer. Either way, I’m willing to cut the guy a break, as Zombie Massacre actually has some decent looking zombies.

Anyway, head on down below and check out the recently released full-length trailer and see what you guys make of it?

Synopsis: “A bacteriological weapon – developed by the US Government to create a super soldier – spreads an epidemic in a quiet little town in the middle of  Eastern Europe, Roznov. All citiziens have been turned into infected zombies. The town is in quarantine, but the Government wants to destroy it 

to avoid the propagation of the epidemic. 

The rest of the world is in the dark about everything. The plan is: to bring an atomic bomb into the nuclear plant of the city to pretend a terrible accident. No one has to know the truth. 

A commando of mercenaries is hired to do the mission. The leader is Jack Stone, an ex soldier now in jail to have murdered his brothers in arms during a mission. If he accomplish the mission he will be free. The battle is on. Hordes of monsters against a bunch of men. There is no hope.

Who will survive?”

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      1. thesinisteredge October 12, 2012 at 9:20 pm

        Ive been looking forward to this actually. I was really impressed with his movie Rampage. As long as he stays away from his Video Game Adaptations. Im for it.