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Herner Klenthur

So Paranormal Activity 4 is now playing and I want to know what you all think of the latest film in the franchise. Have your say below and inform the community is PA4 worth seeing?

The original film which spawned this massive movie franchise was made for $15,000 and went on to bring in $193million according to Box Office Mojo. This also makes it the most profitable film of all time. The original film impressed fans and the following two sequels although turning off some still managed to bring in massive dollars at the box office.

Paranormal Activity 2 made $177million and was made for $3million dollars and the third film Paranormal Activity 3 made $205 million off of a $5million budget. Each film was less profitable for Paramount but there is absolutely zero denying that making $575million off 3 movies you invted $8 million dollars into making is a huge success, and we are only talking box office numbers here not DVD sales.

The expectations are that Paranormal Activity 4 will easily bring in $40million this weekend and considering its $5million budget it will turn a profit immediately. With all the numbers and the success laid out its time for you to weigh in. Is Paranormal Activity 4 another great peg in the most profitable movie franchise of all time or is it a cheap cash in that fans should avoid?

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      1. Shawn Payer October 20, 2012 at 7:27 pm

        It’s safe to say the franchise for me is over. The first 2 were awesome, creepy and unnerving! I left feeling on edge and creeped out. The third movie wasn’t half as good, I didn’t leave the theatre on edge or creeped out, having said that i think PA3 worked only because it was a good way to close the franchise as a trilogy taking us back to where it all began with Katie and Christie as kids. PA4 doesn’t use camera’s set up in area’s of the house, but focuses more on laptop webcam video’s, walking around at times made me a bit dizzy. This one was completely un-needed. I guess the scare factor is mostly gone for me, They are in in solely for money now, with more fake-out scares than real ones. I did jump when the knife fell from the ceiling that was it. It wasn’t a terrible movie, just weak compared to what the franchise started as. Although it was great to see Katie back, I don’t think even she can hold the franchise together by walking around in daylight and have the movie remain scary. We know what happened to her but sometimes less is more. Comparing PA4 to the first 2 I can’t say I’m impressed, even with Katie back. I really hope this is the last one, I guess it depends how it does at the box office. The theatre was only half full on opening night so it could be an early sign it might not make as much as planned and they may not make a 5th. ~~SPOILERS!!!~~DON’T READ ANYMORE IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILERS~~So the movie picks up when Katie abducted Hunter, she lives across the street from a new family, this boy “Robbie” is odd and keeps showing up at the new families house, apparently something happens to Katie and they take the boy in for a few days until Katie gets better, well there was nothing wrong with her the whole time, turns out the new family’s boy was adopted and is actually Hunter! This was a ploy to get him back. Katie wants him. This other boy Robbie must of just been in the cult!? I liked the ending when Katie runs full out down the hallway with her face changing, very cool, but it wasn’t even 5 minutes; the finale. The blonde girl Alex runs through Katie’s house screaming looking for her dad and brother, the entire cult is outside and Katie attacks her with her face all crazy, and the movie ends. I do believe less is more but sometimes it what you don’t see that’s scarier than what you do see.