Storyboards Released for Deadlands 3


Director Gary Ugarek has just sent us a couple storyboards for the third film in his Deadlands franchise. Now Deadlands 3 has an interesting past. It was originally going to be part 2 but because they could not come up with the funds to make that movie he developed another screenplay. Recently he revisited the script for three and revised it a bit.

In the newer version, he takes 6 of the characters from that screenplay, Dr. Melisa Walsh (a leading CDC Virologist) who is also the daughter of a prominent political figure. Dave, a local Baltimore city resident, Capt. Morganelli (leader of the extraction team) his right hand man Cpl. Hanson, and brother and sister survivors Carrie and Jason, and throws them into one of the last standing and full operational rescue shelter left in the city. However, things are not so peachy, the dead are winning the war, and government is finalizing the plans to move everyone within the political hierarchy into an underground bunker based out of West Virginia. The esteemed political figure assigns Morganelli and his team one last task, extract Melisa from that shelter. However, Melisa doesn’t want to go. She wants to stay and help, and when the teams becomes too forcible Dave and a gathering of local residents now calling the last bastion of safety home decide to step in and protect the good old Doctor. As the stand-off ensues between the team and the citizens the undead threat begins to take its position on wiping out the last of humanity. So our heroes and villains are making one last stand for survival, to make it out alive and hopefully protect the shelter.


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