Great! ‘So, Now I’m a Zombie’

Chris Savage

There comes a time in one’s life when the inevitable happens. One minute you’re munching down on a twinkie and the next, they’re gone. Yep, the apocalypse has begun, and then you find out that you’re turning into a zombie! Well, at least I had a twinkie…

Here we have a little intriguing zombie flick which is being put together by seniors at the Northwestern University, which is entitled So, Now I’m a Zombie. The film is is being directed by Alison Ho and stars Isabella Mehiel and Hannah Wolff.

Now, as these are just students and filmmaking is such a tough business, money is short, but a Kickstarter campaign has been started and if you pledge you will be entitled to some awesome perks, so head on over to their Kickstarter page and see what’s on offer.

The film focuses on the “psychological and humanistic side of turning into a zombie, the film follows Janna as she adjusts to her life as a zombie. After being separated from her girlfriend, Janna reminisces of her more peaceful, human life, while struggling to stay with the reality of her decaying physical and mental state.” 

I for one will be sharing a few bucks as this sounds freakin’ awesome! If you hit up their official Facebook page, you can check out a few behind-the-scenes photos including some very sweet gore shots.


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