Official Trailer & Clip for Garden Island – A Paranormal Documentary

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I think its well known by now that I absolutely love found footage flicks. Yeah, sometimes I agree that once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, but i just can’t help but be attracted to one. So next up for you guys is a little found footage mockumentary that deals with some sinister paranormal goings-on.

Below we have the official trailer and a clip via a heads up from, Avery (cheers, bro!). As I said above, i love found footage flicks, but unfortunately I’m not feeling this one, maybe I just need to see more. Anyway, let me know your views on this one?

The film is written and directed by Chris Penney, and stars  Nicole Bray, Craig Bouens, Chuck Harb, Dan Holroyd, Stan Lathrop, Sophia Maslowski and Amy Penney.

Synopsis: “In 2012, a small film crew and paranormal team traveled to a remote island in northern Lake Michigan in an attempt to unearth the truth behind a tragic incident that occurred there in 1989. What they encountered was a horror no one was prepared for. This footage, found by search and rescue teams, documents not only the terrifying events that unravelled before them, but captures the only remaining moments of the crew seen since they first set foot on Garden Island.”

For more information on this one, go hit up their official Facebook page.

Official Trailer & Clip for Garden Island   A Paranormal Documentary

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