Official Trailer & Clip for Garden Island – A Paranormal Documentary

Chris Savage

I think its well known by now that I absolutely love found footage flicks. Yeah, sometimes I agree that once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, but i just can’t help but be attracted to one. So next up for you guys is a little found footage mockumentary that deals with some sinister paranormal goings-on.

Below we have the official trailer and a clip via a heads up from, Avery (cheers, bro!). As I said above, i love found footage flicks, but unfortunately I’m not feeling this one, maybe I just need to see more. Anyway, let me know your views on this one?

The film is written and directed by Chris Penney, and stars  Nicole Bray, Craig Bouens, Chuck Harb, Dan Holroyd, Stan Lathrop, Sophia Maslowski and Amy Penney.

Synopsis: “In 2012, a small film crew and paranormal team traveled to a remote island in northern Lake Michigan in an attempt to unearth the truth behind a tragic incident that occurred there in 1989. What they encountered was a horror no one was prepared for. This footage, found by search and rescue teams, documents not only the terrifying events that unravelled before them, but captures the only remaining moments of the crew seen since they first set foot on Garden Island.”

For more information on this one, go hit up their official Facebook page.


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      1. Amy Penney September 15, 2014 at 8:54 pm

        Hi! Just found this article. Thank you for taking the time to find it! I am Amy Penney and I am the other half of dogbyte films. The film did get mixed reviews, and we actually almost gave up film making due to the intense backlash we’d received from a specific group based in the Midwest, particularly in the Michigan, but members reached out as far as Colorado. We were harassed via phone calls, emails, they attended our films and walked out, threatened lawsuits…it started 2 months before we actually went to Garden Island, and continued for about 6-7 months afterward. If you’d like to see it is its entirety, let me know. We are not pleased with the ending, ourselves, but we are showing it again as a double feature with our new film. We lived in fear of these people (I will give you details if you want, but not on here) and almost gave up, but we are sticking it to them by showing it again. These people were so horrible and threatened us over this film, all because we filmed in the cemetery on Garden Island, which has a “welcome” sign at the entrance. Freaky retired hippie jerks. Anyway, I totally respect whatever your comments are on the film, and if you’d like to see the whole thing, we might be able to set up a private link for you. :) Thank you for even paying attention to us. :)

        Kind Regards,

      2. Amy Penney March 12, 2017 at 8:19 am

        Hi Chris. It’s me, Amy Penney again…the one who made the only comment to your review. (I’m the one in the green hat, singing).
        I cruise through on occasion just to see what’s going on with the films we’ve done…It’s such a saturated market that I find it surprising that every time I have a look-see, more and more links pop up…strange.

        Anyway, I wanted to get back to you about your review of this film.
        The only thing you had stated about it is that you just weren’t feeling it.

        Would you be willing or even capable of providing a comprehensive review of the film? You know, give specific examples of what you weren’t feeling?

        Your review is amateur and vague. You are asking others to give you an opinion on it.
        I’m not being pouty about the thought that you did not like the film, but if you are out here making an attempt to be a knowledgeable and reputable film critic, at least put the work in to create a thoughtful and objective review based upon each individual element of the films you critique.

        Personally, I think you watched 5 minutes of it and ordered pizza.

        I’ve read your critiques on other films, and you put forth no effort whatsoever into what you do.

        Based upon the lack of popularity of your page, I dare say few people take into consideration the opinion of someone who uses one sentence to write a review.

        • Chris Savage March 12, 2017 at 8:02 pm

          Hi Amy. Thanks for commenting.
          First off, I haven’t even watched the film, nor did I receive a screener I merely watched the 3-minute trailer which is attached in the article. The article was simply informing our readers of your film and I just said that “I wasn’t feeling it” simply based on said trailer. Perhaps the full feature is better.

          Secondly, I don’t think I’m a reputable critic or even a critic, I’m simply a fan that does this in my SPARE TIME. It’s a hobby.

          Third, would I be interested in watching the entire film or even further help promote the film after this exchange? Not at all.
          Have a good day