Official Trailer for Tales of Fear

Chris Savage

Are you a fan of anthology style horror flicks? Well, I may just have the flick for you. I love indie cinema, and i love anthology films, so basically, I’m all over this sucker which is entitled Tales of Fear, and we have just scored the first official trailer for the flick. Head on down below and check it out, go support indie horror!

From the Press Release:

“Tales of Fear” is a new six part horror anthology styled after the EC comics of the 1950‘s. The film captures the essence of the horror elements of the comics; science fiction, fantasy, as well as the crime and mystery aspects that made those stories so popular during that generation. The filmmakers set out to not only capture the types of stories told in these classics, but to also bring the look and style of the art and the characters that filled their pages, to the screen. The six stories intertwine to make up this modern day interpretation of these timeless horror tales.

The film was shot independently in 2010 and was temporarily shelved to do the documentary “Contamination: A Convention Story”. With completion of that documentary the filmmakers have returned to release this project as they had intended. The film was shot in the St. Louis area utilizing local talent. Most notable cast include Joe Hammerstone and Bill Finkbiner from the upcoming film Coyote starring Bill Oberst Jr. (Also shot in the Midwest.)

“Tales of Fear” is meant to appeal to a broad range of horror audiences. The film is a mesh of classic horror in conjunction with modern elements. The film includes a variety of tales. Stories include a child murderer whose latest catch has him in over his head, a doctor set at discovering the secret of cellular re-animation at any cost, to the tale of a nosey woman who seems to think her neighbor may be up to more than he appears, as well as others. “Tales of Fear” is guaranteed to have something for everyone who loves the genre.

State of Mind Productions was founded in the summer of 2008 by a group of filmmakers looking to bring something unique to the St. Louis area. Their first feature film released was “Zombie Epidemic”, a mockumentary comedy shot in 2009 and released in 2010. “Tales of Fear” was the second feature film they would shoot and in 2013 will be their third to be released. In 2011 the company shot the documentary “Contamination: A Convention Story”. The film was a look at horror conventions and the fans and celebrities who attend them. This film included interviews with Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, 1984 Day of the Dead cast, Brad Loree, and Bill Johnson to name a few. The company has been experimenting on different short films and competitions over the last two years. Some of these films include “Outpost 13”, “No Strings”, “Foreplay”, and “Them”. This is all in preparation for their next feature in 2013. They plan to release “Tales of Fear” in the summer of 2013 and will be touring with the film at film festivals and horror conventions during that time.”


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