Theatre of the Deranged (2012) Review

Chris Savage

I absolutely love the indie scene and I’m all over any kind of anthology, so when the opportunity came to check out Worldwide Multimedia’s Theatre of the Deranged (currently available on Amazon for $19.95), I jumped at the chance, I mean, its a freakin’ anthology. But sadly, I was left feeling a little deflated, perhaps my expectations were too high for some campy goodness, but I just didn’t get it.

However, not all the films are here should suffer, but unfortunately one or two lets down the whole feel, but then again, it might just be me.

So, first off the film begins with our horror host Andy The Arsonist (Cory Jacob) as he introduces us to each segment and tries to bring some humor to the proceedings, while not always paying off. Its okay, its just sometimes I’d wish he’d shut up, no offence, Cory. :)

As the film begins we are treated to our first segment which is entitled Lust for Blood from M.Kelly and Shawn C. Phillips, and this, in my opinion is the weakest of all the segments and probably why it set the tone for my disapproving mood. While the film takes obvious inspiration from Troma, I just didn’t get that campy feel that I was expecting. On the other hand, this was obviously made for peanuts, so you can’t expect too much, its just, I hate to say it, I was bored and I pretty much shut off. Don’t get me wrong, the potential was there, it just got lost in the execution somewhere, I mean its entitled Lust For Blood, with unfortunately hardly any blood to be had.

So yeah, this one pretty much plagued the entire anthology for me, but thankfully it gets better from here on out.

Next up is Bad Dennis from the UK director Liz Gilbert, and this one takes us deep into the English countryside for some cider loving mayhem. Its a bit of fun that captures some of that campy essence that I was looking for in the first segment, and while it seems as if it is going along at a pretty sluggish rate, the segment does eventually pick up and we are greeted to some pretty awesome FX work, even if it is just a severed head.

While it does have its downfalls, its definitely one up on the previous one.

So next we have a short but definitely sweet segment entitled Speak Easy from James Cullen Bressack, this one is a lovely little surprise and keeps things very simple, but extremely effective. Basically if I say anything about this one it will give it away, so if you do check out this anthology, do it for Speak Easy.

With the film now finding its legs, the heat turns up and we are greeted to Brian Dorton’s Doll Parts (not to be confused with Karen Lam’s absolutely awesome short of the same name), which unveils a serial killer in the making, the story builds up well and its also host to some to a few good kill scenes, also there is some boobage to be had as well. While at times it falls a little flat, it still manages to pack a punch or two.

And then finally we have Cannibal Blood Girl from Creep Creepersin which is a total campy treat and one that should have started this whole anthology off. If you love gore and boobs, then this little segment is definitely the one for you. It also features a couple of adult film stars Veronica Ricci and Sophie Dee.

So while Theatre of the Deranged started off pretty awful, it slowly got slightly better but never delivered the true campy gore soaked goodness I was looking for. Still, if you’re a sucker for anthologies and want to help pave the way for the future of horror, go give this one a shot. While most of it wasn’t for me, who’s to say it won’t be for you?

2.5 / 5 stars     


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