Two More Titles Announced For DVD by Scream Factory


It’s Friday so that means Scream Factory have just announced an additional two titles that they are going to release on DVD. The much-requested THE HORROR SHOW (1989 – with Lance Henriksen and also known as “House III” in some circles) and THE VAGRANT (1992 – starring Bill Paxton) will finally make their debuts on DVD in 2013.

The Horror Show plot: Detective Lucas McCarthy (Lance Henriksen) finally catches the serial killer named “Meat Cleaver Max” (Brion James) and watches his execution. McCarthy and the others watching the execution are shocked to see Max withstand enough voltage to physically burn his body before finally dying. Max, however, has made a deal with the devil in order to return from the grave and frame Lucas for a series of grisly murders. He also scares the McCarthy family (who have moved into a new house) and the parapsychologist they hire. Lucas’ only hope of stopping Max for good is to destroy his spirit before Max destroys his life and family.

The Vagrant plot: Graham’s life is full of promise. He has a just purchased a new house which he can now afford because he has landed a successful job. He is something of a suck up yuppie and his potential companion, Judy Dansig, is sex-crazed real estate agent. Unfortunately, his new home has unwanted guest. The ghost of a disgraced destitute shrink, who is carrying on playing mind games. When pieces of people Graham knew begin appearing in his fridge, the police blame him. Graham struggles to figure out what is going on. As the deaths continue he starts to even doubt his own sanity.


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