[Video] What Is a Cult Film? – ‘A Cult Influence’ Takes a Look

We all know a cult film or two and if you’re someone that follows a ‘cult’ flick, then its pretty safe to assume that you’re a rabid fan, you will let everyone know to check out this ‘cult’ film, but what exactly is a cult film? Does it necessarily need to be low-budget? Does it even need to have a theatrical release or even make it into a rental shop?

What ever it is, when you know a cult film, you KNOW a cult film. So, Daniel Krone recently sent us over the mini documentary, A Cult Influence, which is only about 10-minutes in length, but it is an insightful little documentary as we look at a few ‘cult’ classics such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show and even the Evil Dead to name but a few.

I think, krone, has done a pretty stellar job while trying to educate or at least let us explore the world of cult cinema in the confines of such a short documentary. It comes across well informed and he obviously loves his cult films.

So what makes a cult film for you? Check out the documentary below (it is NSFW, boobage and all) and then hit us up with some of your ‘cult’ favorites, I want to hear what you guys are rabid about?

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