Watch Night of the Punks Short Film

The Cenobite

Producer of Joel McHale’s The Soup show on E! network, Dan Riesser, has made a name for himself among short horror film fans.  Only dabbling in it a few times, he makes memorable movies that look to have the production value of a lower budget B film (which is a step up for most short films).  In 2010, he made a short splatter flick paying homage to 80’s style of movies with a Grindhouse and Troma feel….this movie was called Night of the Punks.

Lured to a nightclub for promise of an awesome gig, local small town punk band, The Brain Deads, arrive with high hopes of stardom.  What they find instead is an almost empty audience.  The only members there are two groupies and a bunch of silent people in hoodies.  Before you know it, the movie turns into a bloodfest when our hoodied friends turn out to be demons from the portal to Hell in which this club is built on top of.  It’s a fight to the death.  Good vs Evil.  Demons hate jazz music, too.

Dan Riesser did a fantastic job with all he had.  There are some effects in this movie that you wouldn’t expect from something small.  Everything looks great.  The gore job certainly pays homage to Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi with a little thank you to George A. Romero.  This is the kind of movie where you can just sit back, relax and enjoy yourself with.

3.5 / 5 stars     


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