Watch The Night Before Christmas Horror Short

The Cenobite

With film credits on such horror gems as “The House of the Devil” and “Pig Lady”, gaffter Bart Grieb took his swing at directing in this new horror short film, “The Night Before Christmas”.

When the Heston family is awoken by a loud noise on Christmas Eve, husband Charles quickly grabs his shotgun and heads to the site of the noise looking to scare away or even shoot anyone who dare interrupt his Christmas.  With wife Joan nagging behind him, he sees the intruder and shoots him.  Little does he know that he just killed the very spirit of Christmas, Santa Claus.  In an effort not to go to jail, disturb two children or make a mess on freshly steamed carpet, Charles and Joan must find a way to dispose of Santa’s body before anyone finds out that they single handed killed Christmas.

This short runs at just over 20 minutes and is hilarious from start to finish.  There’s even an Evil Dead homage in mentioning S Mart.  Perfect suburban family destroyed by a violent murder is the perfect setting for any holiday movie.  It’s exactly what no one ever wants to encounter.  For the low budget and time constraint, this is a very enjoyable flick.  This is the beginning of a very bright future for Bart Grieb and I’m proud to have seen it starting off.  Now, enjoy this with me as below you watch Part 1 and 2 of ” The Night Before Christmas”

Part 1:



Part 2:


3.5 / 5 stars     


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