Watch the Trailer for Werewolf Boy

The Cenobite

In South Korea, there is a new film that is taking cinema by surprise and completely dominating the box office numbers.  That film is called, A Werewolf Boy.  The film isn’t a complete unknown as it did well at the Toronto International Film Festival; but these box office numbers brought it to another level.

Taking place in a small village in South Korea, this movie follows the story of a girl, Suni who comes across an orphan boy dubbed “Wolf Boy” for the way he looks, acts and has freakish strength.  She tries her best to civilize him by teaching proper table manners and cleanliness.  However, something goes horribly wrong and the boy’s “wolf” side takes over and all hell is unleashed.  Can Suni save the boy’s life in time?  Will the villagers survive?

I don’t live in South Korea nor did I go to Toronto so I don’t know the answer to that!  But, what I do know is that sometime in November 2012, North America will see this movie in theaters all around.  I personally look forward to this.  Korea always does a good job with storytelling and grabbing so many emotions.  Here’s the trailer:

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      1. Jeff Carson November 7, 2012 at 4:59 am

        Looks a bit too Twilightish for me. May be worth a look though, hasnt been a good werewolf movie in a while in my opinion.