Behold Gadzooka: The Unbearable!

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Don’t you just miss the simple days of monster movies? Nowadays its all about the fancy CGI and all the computer wizardry, gone is the plastic monsters and miniature scenery, or is it?

If you love old-school practical effects, giant man-eating monsters and the wonderful time that was the ’50’s? Then, we may just have the flick for you.

Thanks to Avery and UndeadBackbrain we have our first sneak peek at Larry Blamire and Monster Man‘s very own FX gury, Cleve Hall.

Sadly details are slim, in fact they are so slim we actually have no more details for you, but, we do have a little teaser artwork below for you guys to dig on, go check it out below and hopefully we will have more on this in due course.

Behold Gadzooka: The Unbearable!

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