DEDfest Gets in the Christmas Spirit with Silent Night & Breaking Santa

Chris Savage

With Christmas literally just around the corner it sadly appears as if horror is dwindling away for the year, but it has gone in to hibernation just yet as some of us will always bring the horror no matter what the season and what better way to celebrate Christmas than with some killer Santa themed flicks.

Edmonton, Canada knows how to celebrate the season just right as DEDfest is screening both Silent Night and Astron-6’s Breaking Santa this December 14th, so, what are you waiting for? Head on down below for all the details and get yourself down to DEDfest this Friday.

From the Press Release:

Every year DEDfest does its best to shove a Yule log up the ass of the holiday spirit, and this year is no different. We’re presenting a Christmas x-travaganza featuring the newest offender of the Christmas season – SILENT NIGHT!

Starring Malcolm McDowell and Jaime King, SILENT NIGHT is director Steven C. Miller’s remake of the 1987 slasher Silent Night Deadly Night, a film which caused controversy and protests all across North America for its depiction of a sinister St. Nick. In fact, when DEDfest screened the film back in 2009 it, along with A Clockwork Orange, was one of four films that had ever been banned by Alberta Film Classification!

Steven C. Miller’s (The Aggression Scale, Under the Bed) SILENT NIGHT is not only reverent to the original, but goes ten times further down the soot-filled chimney of depravity than the ’87 classic. It’s exactly the kind of film you’d need to sooth the savage soul after a day fighting crowds at the mall. Full of wonderfully over-the-top performances from the likes of Malcolm McDowell, great kill scenes, loads of coal-black humor, and a few great nods to the original, Silent Night hits all the right marks. And most of all, its FUN.

Along with Silent Night, we’re presenting the world premiere of the latest short from Astron 6, entitled (appropriately enough) BREAKING SANTA. See what deviancy the madmen behind MANBORG and FATHER’S DAY have in store for your holiday season. And if THAT wasn’t enough, we’re presenting the final instalment in our TALES FROM THE LOBBY SERIES – a Christmas tale of horror narrated by Astron 6’s Adam Brooks!

Need a dose of Xmas cheer? You won’t find it here. But you will have a sadistically jolly good time!”

DEDfest takes place on Friday, December 14, 9:30PM at the Metro Cinema 8712 109 Street, Edmonton, Canada.


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