DethBanger’s Top Five Horror Films of 2012

Chris Savage

Another year folks, which means yet another year end list, but this year I thought I would break away from the norm and give a top 5 for the past year. In doing so this made me think more and having to make some very difficult decisions, as 2012 wasn’t a bad year at all, in fact, the indie scene was a blaze as always, sadly most of the big budget Hollywood flicks just didn’t make the cut.

Now before I start, this is simply my opinion and a tough one at that. Sadly I haven’t seen as many films as I would have liked this year, but thankfully many of them will be making a home video release next year, so I’ll be checking them out then. So below we have my top five for 2012, give it a read and then let us know what your top 5, top 10 or top whatever would consist of?

Father’s Day

What can I say. This one just totally blew me away and Astron-6 have cemented their place in the genre with this one. Its a brutal ride with a side helping of whit which really carries this one through. Granted its not for everyone, but that’s the way its intended. If you love your films a little twisted that don’t take themselves too seriously, go check out Father’s Day now and support your Canadian brothers


Here I was just talking about big-budget Hollywood films and along comes Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. But what can I say? I loved it… for the most part. Sure the plot is a bit hit and miss in places and some of the characters are a few screws short of a hardware store, but even with all that, Ridley still manages to come out on top. Is it a prequel to Alien, well, yes and no, but either way, I thought it was a visually stunning film and well worth the money, go check it out.


To be fair, its a little slow going in parts, but if you’re willing to wait around you will be in for some truly disturbing treats. Its definitely unique and one that will surely stick with me for a few years. But, is it scary? Well, no. But it delivers blood by the absolute bucket load, with some unsavory scenes. If you’re after something that’s a little bit “out there”, then, Excision is your cup of tea.

The Cabin in the Woods

The hype behind this one was absolutely insane, and unfortunately it let me down. But after a few more viewings I started to appreciate this one for what it is. Its fun, its a little different and in parts it turned the genre on its head. To be honest, I’m not a fan of Joss Whedon, but him and Drew Goddard delivered on the goods. Its been a long time coming but the wait is definitely worth it.


Since I first laid my eyes on this one a few months back, that’s all I’ve basically been talking about. Unfortunately the indie scene is full of a lot of junk, so trying to find that little golden nugget can be some what of a chore, but Scott Schirmer made me stand up and take notice. Found is an excellent serial killer film which is also in parts a coming-of-age story which had me gripped from beginning to end. So I say to you, keep your eyes on this one and be sure to check it out when/if you can, its that good.

So there you have it, my top 5 horror films of 2012, but with it being just five it was a hard decision, so here are some honorable mentions; Dear God No!, The Millennium Bug and When the Lights Went Out.

With so many horror films on the horizon for next year, I can already tell that 2013 will be one freakin’ awesome year! Don’t forget, let me know your choices for best horror film of 2012 below.



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