DREDD 3D Blu Ray Review

Herner Klenthur

There is no small irony in my writing a review about a 3D Bluray release considering I am the biggest hater on 3D technology since video killed the radio star.

3D technology has become in my humble view a way for studios to lure movie goers into theaters with less emphasis on great filmmaking instead focusing on heavy CGI and 3D projecticles flying at you from the camera.

Time and time again this has proven to be true and each and every time it pisses me off I wasted my money. Like most of you I am not wealthy and when I waste money on something it hurts.

For the last 6 months my SAMSUNG tv has been broken. Not even 6 years old and it has a chip error which has caused it to have white fleck all over it. I finally bit the bullet since there are massive Boxing Day TV sales on and purchased a new one and this time I got one that was 3D ( 3D with active glasses not passive for those wondering )

Once I bought the TV I popped in Gears of War 3 just to see how the picture looked not knowing it was a 3D game and me and my son shared mutual glee and just about wet our pants in sheer delight. Gears of War 3 in 3D is in a word epic. My woman does not like games at all and hates watching me play but she sat for 20minutes as excited as I was to see the 3D which is saying something.

I then wondered what movie should I watch ? It was solved for me since LionsGate sent me a copy of DREDD 3D on Bluray to review. As I popped it in I wondered was this going to be Prometheus class 3D or was I going to be seeing something along the lines of Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland.

Judge Dredd 3D is a perfect example of exactly how 3D should be done. Its a beautiful movie with perfect use of three dimensional layering of the camera and a small amount of in your face 3D. Judge Dredd also featured a stand out cast and a story that not only works but trumps the original Sylvester Stallone movie. This coming from a guy who loves the original movie and has owned in on every format.

Judge Dredd 3D is a blood bath wrapped in a beautiful package with 3D used only as icing and is the first 3D movie I have seen where I wondered why on earth do I hate 3D so much?

I still stand behind my feelings on 3D that Hollywood for the most part is using it as a gimmick but I have to concede with 3D televisions becoming much more attainable for people like me Hollywood can do some really great things with 3D and Judge Dredd 3D is just that.

Dredd 3D is my new favorite 3D movie and has opened my eyes to what 3D technology can be. Dredd is by no means a fantastic movie based on its 3D its a fantastic movie because the director combined a great story, with a stand out cast and fantastic cinematography to deliver a balls to the walls DREDD movie that everyone can enjoy. Oh and they used 3D just to add that final punch to an otherwise fun b-movie experience.

If you love a good action movie that doesnt pull its punches is true to its source material and looks fantastic then checkout Dredd 3D it is without question an experience to be had. It is also a movie I really hope they do a sequel too

4.5 / 5 stars     


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      1. Bob B January 18, 2013 at 5:32 am

        Saw this movie recently and liked it too. However, I did not watch it in 3D and some of the 3D parts were painfully slow. Even the screen looked blurry at those parts even though I was watching a non-3D version of the movie.

      2. Aaron February 7, 2013 at 2:24 am

        I totally agree with you about the 3D! I saw Dredd last night after I left my office at DISH and every movie from now on should take it as an example of what 3D should look like. Thank goodness we had the Dish Hopper or else I would have never seen it. It lets us order 3D movies right to our living room for less than the price of a movie ticket and we don’t even have to deal with the crowds.

        • Herner Klenthur February 7, 2013 at 1:06 pm

          Way to make Dishnetwork look llike a bunch of morons. Social Marketing fail!