First Word & Artwork for Dustin Mills’ Easter Casket

Chris Savage

Damn that Easter bunny, he’s up to no good again and this time he has set his teeth into a brand new indie flick from Dustin Mills (The Puppet Monster Massacre, Zombie A-Hole, Night of the Tentacles) which is entitled Easter Casket. While we don’t have a trailer, we’re told that the film will feature “demons, bunnies, nudity, sex, violence, nuns, school girls, naughty priests, blasphemy, and an egg laying scene that must be seen to be believed!” Care to read more? Head on down below for the plot details and some artwork.

The film is set to begin filming in January with a release date already in place for March 26, 2013.

Synopsis: “All hell breaks loose when Peter Cottontail (aka The Easter Bunny) hears that the Catholic Church is about to do away with all Easter rituals not pertaining directly to the resurrection of Christ. That means no bunnies, no eggs, no candy, etc. The Mega Pope (secret leader of the Catholic church) smells something fishy going on when a nun is murdered under mysterious circumstances. He sends Father Asher (a warrior priest with retractable armor) to investigate. From there it’s all out warfare and lunacy with Asher trying to defeat The Easter Bunny and his minions before time runs out. Can Asher stop him before its too late? Only one thing is certain: March 26th is gonna be a bad hare day!”

If you like what you’ve read and want to see more, go help these guys out over at their indieGoGo page with awesome perks starting from $10 that will have the DVD shipped to you on the day of release! Pretty awesome if you ask me.


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