Indie Horror Movies Need Bloggers & We Need You!

Herner Klenthur

Yesterday I did a blog post about the horror genre and whether the lack of successful indie horror films is the result of the filmmakers, the fans or the distributors. I for one think its a little bit of each.

In yesterdays article I made a point of addressing the fact that we have a large community and readership and despite that I can not recall one time where an indie filmmaker emailed me to ask what sort of advertising we could offer an indie filmmaker. In the same token we have never put up a page promoting the fact you can advertise here.

So many great indie films go unnoticed and do not make the money they should because of a lack of exposure and normally the reason I would imagine is a lack of a marketing budget. As we already covered the movies that get the biggest splash are not the best they are simply the ones with the best connected filmmakers or the ones with the money to advertise on large corporate media sites.

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Jamie ( one of my friends and co-bloggers) and I were talking about this topic this morning when I realized something. I was quite literally the pot calling the kettle black. Here I am talking about how indie filmmakers are not making any money or finding success as filmmakers when I am a blogger who is equally struggling day to day to make a dollar.

Not only am I the pot calling the kettle black I finally just made the connection that we need indie filmmakers just as much as indie filmmakers need us. Our community has readers and our community is dieing to be exposed to great indie horror.

We need more revenue, filmmakers need an audience and have a very limited budget but working together we can make the genre better!

The easy solution would be for bloggers like us to offer up indie filmmakers our unused ad space which normally is filled with low tier ads promoting tummy tuck procedures or online flash games. I would much rather get $1 for an American Mary ad to run on the site then be paid $1 for a ‘tummy tightening ad’. Our site as a whole will look more appealing to the community, our readers will easily discover more new films and the filmmakers reach their audience and dare I say, find success?

I am not a marketing guru or a business man I am a fan of horror movies. I am not even a ‘writer’ as my critics like to remind me. I do however recognize that in order to have success you need your message in front of people for longer then 30 seconds in the case of Facebook or a day in the case of a blog like ours.

If you are an indie filmmaker reading this and want to be the very first to take our unused ad space for December email me and lets see if we can start something new on our community that benefits us, our readers and the indie horror filmmakers.


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