Mask Review: Michael Myers “The Obsession” (Sinister Studios)

Eddie Spaghetti

Halloween has come and gone but there’s no rule that we can’t already begin to make costume plans for next year.  Now is one of the best times to make a few purchases; reduced prices are in effect so stores can clear out their old inventory.  Assembling the bare essentials for a costume is already done for you with complete sets being available at most party stores but if you’re picky like Eddie Spaghetti, it has to be perfect.

If you’re wearing an Ash Williams costume and the chainsaw isn’t red, you lost some respect.  Attention to detail is what really amazes others and wins first-place in contests: dreams do come true when you’re holding a cheap dollar-store trophy in one hand and a gift certificate for Ponderosa in the other.

One costume that I nitpick the most at is The Shape aka Michael Myers: true fans know that store-bought Michael masks won’t cut the mustard.  It has to be a high-quality replica or else you’ll look more like Data and less like Kirk.

High quality doesn’t necessarily mean big expense but do expect to spend at least more than $80 for something worthy to be deemed a true Myers mask.  Mass-produced Michael masks, that horror-fans agree to hate, all share one big flaw: they don’t look like Shatner.  Sinister Studio’s “The Obsession”, however, does.

General Info

  • Sinister Studios (http://sinisterstudio.com/)
  • $125.00 US + Shipping
  • Replica of Original Shape Mask from Halloween (1978)
  • Hand crafted
  • Thick latex


Looks extremely close to the original Shatner mask, with a few minor differences.  There seems to be a tad more hair here and the cheek moldings are also a bit off, but it gives the mask a minor uniqueness and that is one reason why I purchased it.  I’m a fan of obscurity in general and to own a Myers mask that I can say has its own look is great.  The hair needs to be combed and styled a bit, as overtime it can poof out.


A very thick mask and a tad heavier than generic rubber ones.  I once walked to a girlfriends house on Halloween wearing this for about half an hour and I had to take at least 3 maskless breaks inbetween.  Its also quite hard to hear out of, as there are only breathing holes in the mouth and nostrils.  The view is perfect because the eye holes are wide yet slightly narrow to give you a real “inside the mask” feel as seen in the first film.


Its durable, that’s for sure.  This mask won’t warp easily or tear; its quite strong and I never worry about damaging it.  I purchased mine back when Sinister Studios had begun to sell them so it contains the production number inside the neck.  I admire the fact that this is a mask sculpted and created by an artist and not mass produced by a machine.


This is less of a mask that should be worn for excessive amounts of time and more for display purposes.  Due to the thickness of the latex, it weighs a bit more than standard rubber masks and has less airflow within.  I consider it an inexpensive professionally-made Michael Myers mask that stands up to be among one of the best looking; a head that should be on any horror fan’s wall!

rating: 3.5 outa 5


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