Steven C Millers Silent Night Movie Review

Herner Klenthur

Since it’s the Christmas Holidays I am blasting my way aggressively through a whole slew of movies and the latest on my list was Steven C Millers Silent Night remake. I meant to review it before Christmas but the studio overlooked us for coverage so it fell off my radar and I finally have gotten around to watching it after Steven Miller nicely said he would hook us up.

I never managed to connect with Steven on the freebie in exchange for a review due to a recent surgery but I did finally pick it up and watch it last night and I am now going to give you my 5 cent report on it.

Silent Night which is a remake of the 1984 movie by Charles E Sellier is based on Christmas Eve in Cryer, WI. A vicious serial killer, dressed as Santa Claus, has made a “naughty list” and anyone on it is in big trouble and its up to the local Sheriff and his team of deputies to stop him.

Silent Night is a christmas movie about a diabolical Santa who likes to neuter people with an AXE, use farm machinery to dismember people and loves to deep free mouthy teenagers. Seriously can you top any of that? You can probably point to other brutal and vicious movies but they were not typically dressed up as Santa while they did it or giving out candy canes to the good kids while butchering their parents.

Steven C Millers remake of Silent Night will never win any awards and I am pretty sure most mainstream film critics will either slam it or never admit having seen it. That however does not change the fact that Silent Night is an effective and murderous b-movie affair and will now be included on my annual round-up of Holiday Horror Movies.

Often we like to crap on directors who lack originality and turn to remakes but lets not forget Directors need to eat. So I say kudos to Steven Miller for making the effort to make a fun and gruesome remake, getting paid so he can feed his family and not turning in crap like PROM NIGHT.

Silent Night is not overly scary, its by no means the best horror movie I have seen this year but it is the most fun. I had at least 3 solid moments where I screamed ‘GOAL’ at my TV as dear old Saint Nick maimed somebody in graphic and creative fashion.

If you are looking for a Holiday horror movie to watch and have already watched our earlier suggestions I encourage you full heartedly to watch Silent Night its the most fun you will have watching Santa since Rare Exports.

4 / 5 stars     


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