First Look at I Am An Exorcist

Chris Savage

Well, it appears as if my secret is out. When I’m not here writing for HM.ca, I’m battling demons and sending those suckers straight back to the fiery pits of hell. Yeah, perhaps not, you’ll probably find me doing battle with a pot of tea and a cat, and the less we say of that the better.

What we do have for you though is a very interesting project which is currently in the works. Recently Erik Gardner contacted us about his latest project I Am An Exorcist, which will be unleashed as a web series with plans for a short film.

Now here is where you can help. These guys need a little helping hand, and if you like the sound oif things, go make your way over to their IndieGoGo page and help these guys out.

The project is set to star Scott Speiser, Caitlin Rose Williams and Drew Wicks.

Synopsis: “Father Richard O’Fallon was accused of murdering a young boy during an exorcism. The boy suffered 16 broken ribs and a crushed heart. After serving several years in prison for a crime he claims he didn’t commit, O’Fallon invites a film crew to document a real exorcism that will prove his innocence. Something goes horribly wrong.”


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