Gut (2012) Review

Chris Savage

This is one film that I have been waiting anxiously to witness since we first heard of its conception a few years back. Thankfully after a slight delay I was finally able to witness Elias’ flick Gut. While it’s not what I expected, it still had me clinched to the very end, and even then I’m still left with unanswered questions.

So before I get to things, don’t go in expecting balls to the wall action of bucket loads of gore, this one is a slow burn which may put some viewers off, but if you’re after character driven horror, then I’m pretty sure Gut, is the film for you.

So we begin the film by following Tom (Jason Vail), and Dan (Nicholas Wilder), who work in the same dull office building. Once these two were childhood friends, and deeply into their horror films, but as time went on and life took its toll they drifted apart and went their separate ways.

Suddenly, Tom receives a mysterious DVD and with this, he tries to coax Dan into watching it with him to try to rekindle some sort of friendship. To their surprise, the DVD seems to be a genuine snuff film, which depicts a man killing a woman on-screen by slicing her belly open to reveal the bloody innards being slowly pulled out.

The film once again splits the two friends with Dan, thinking its nothing to be taken seriously, while Tom takes the images on board and soon becomes somewhat obsessed or at least his psyche takes over and vivid dreams start occurring regarding the scenes he has witnessed which soon become much more disturbing.

As the film continues, Dan soon finds companionship in a waitress, but soon a new DVD appears and the waitress is present on-screen. Soon they both come to realize that this is no longer a joke, and the DVD’s are real. Now its a question as to who is doing this and why? But to know that you will have to see it and judge for yourself.

The film plays with your mind and sometimes throws you off, and while in parts it seems as if it drags on, it’s all part of creating this moody and lethargic atmosphere from which our protagonists created. So I’m sure this won’t be for everyone, but for those looking for something to really think about, Gut is one film you should check out.

3.5 / 5 stars     

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