Official Trailer for UK Horror Film Molly Crows

Chris Savage

We here love the indies, sure more often than not we see a slew of flicks that really miss the mark, but occasionally you get a little flick which leaves a mark and Ray Wilkes’ upcoming UK horror film Molly Crows certainly has me wholeheartedly interested.

Below you will find the first official trailer for the film, so go and give it a whirl and then let us know what you make of it?

Synopsis: “Based on the true story of a 17th Century witch and set in modern times. A seven year old girl avenges a wicked act, and tears a small town apart.

When seven year old Jess and her alcoholic Mother arrive in Haslem, she’s an easy target for the brutal bullying culture. But there’s something different about Jess. She can see and hear things that other people can’t. When Jess is brutalised in a country lane, the ancient spirits of the area appear, angry and full of vengeance.

The townspeople take the law into their own hands and commit a terrible act upon an innocent, as brutal and unforgivable as the notorious Witch-finders from centuries past.”

For more information, be sure to hit up their official Facebook page.

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