Details Surface For Clive Barker’s New Genesis Comic


boom_newgenesis_001v1_a-3_4_r536_c534Clive Barker has been bringing his creations to comics for quite some time now. BOOM Studios has decided to take a new concept that he has and run with it in a original series called New Genesis which is being co-created with Mark Miller. The comic will take place in a 12 issue mini series and is being described as “if God were to come back and tell you how we all got it wrong and what everything really meant,” says co-writer Mark Miller.

USA Today was able to track down some interesting information about the comic. In New Genesis, Julian Demond is a captain of industry who believes he is on a mission to actually discover God, and in the wasteland finds Wick, fostering a relationship with this strange man who claims he is actually the Big Man Upstairs and appears to be just as omnipotent.

The protagonists of the story are Julian’s son Tristan and his fiancée, Elspeth. They embark on their own road trip to stop Wick and reconnect with Julian. This strange religious journey of Julian’s is very weird for Tristan “because his father has never been a spiritual man,” Miller says. “Only in this new phase of his life does he feel the call to leave his mark upon the world, in a much stronger fashion than he already has.”

Of course when Clive Barker is on board it will always have elements of dark fantasy and horror and “filled with all the terrible things that happened in the original Genesis,” Miller says. Currently they are looking at a May 2013 release window. Stay tuned for more.


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