New Photo’s From Christina Lindberg’s Cry for Revenge


Thriller (They Call Her One Eye) is one of my favorite films of all time. I even got the chance to meet Christina Lindberg and watch one of her films on the big screen in 35mm. Thats just a little backstory so you know how bad ass I think this new project is. When I first met her she had talked about making a come back in acting. At that point she had appeared in a short film that she showed and expressed interest in doing more.

Today a film by Todd Fischer is going to be a return for her playing that same character, Candy, in Cry for Revenge. Her name in the original film was Frigga but apparently she is undergoing a name change in Cry for Revenge. Not much is really known about the plot of the film except she will be playing the older version of herself and Stefanie Vuleta will play the younger version. The only real detail that we know is that there will be a giant luchadore fight that is apparently going to be the largest one ever filmed.

Below you can check out a couple photos that Fangoria picked up. Also be sure to stay tuned because as soon as we hear more news you will know about it.





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