Watch the Director’s Cut of Subconscious for Free for a Limited Time Only!

Chris Savage

You guys have probably seen me say this on numerous occasions, but I freakin’ love Christos Petropoulos’ Greek found footage flick Subconscious (see my review HERE). This is a filmmaker that has passion and truly loves the horror genre, and he’s a top guy as well.

Subconscious is a film that has been laying in dormant for years, but thankfully it appears as if the film will soon see the light of day, as Christos, has unleashed his director’s cut of the film and you can check it out HERE in its entirety for a limited time only, so see it while you can!

Now I must say, this is low-budget, so don’t go in expecting high end production values, instead you will get an intriguing and thought provoking story that I absolutely love.

For those of you who seen the original cut, the director’s version features extra footage and the picture quality is much better compared to the original version. Christos has also informed me that the film is currently open for a DVD deal, so hopefully this one will finally see the release it deserves.

The director’s cut also features additional 3D FX which were created by “Periseye”, who is a very talented 3D video effects artist in Patra Greece. as well as a new soundtrack by the Greek Band “Last Sparkle of Joy”. If you wish, you can check out the newly released trailer below before you check out the entire film above.



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