Will We See a ‘Sinister’ Sequel?

Chris Savage

So c’mon, guys. How was Sinister? I am yet to see it (waiting for the DVD release), but I’ve heard very good things and of course the film grossed over $62 million off a $3 million budget, so I think its safe to say that a lot of you loved it.

So what would you say if I said that a sequel was potentially on the way? Well, SciFiNow, recently spoke with director Scott Derrickson regarding the sequel.

Derrickson said; “I certainly want to write the script and be involved with it as the producer – I would possibly direct the next one, we’ll see.”

“I don’t see myself just handing the franchise over to just anybody and letting it go… If it goes on – then maybe – but I want to see it start its process on the right foot at least, and always have some say and have some involvement in it.”

Sinister co-writer C Robert Cargill added; “you have this creation and then it spins off and gets a life of its own through sequels and trying to find new ways to do the same story again. But at the same time, audiences really love their horror sequels and will keep watching them over and over again until it’s been completely run into the ground, until you have to send it into space. And then it’s like ‘Ahhhh maaaaaan, all they have left is space, forget this franchise – let’s move onto the next one!’”

It is still early days, and as you know, anything can change at a drop of a hat. But what do you guys say to a sequel?


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