You Helped Sell The Nightmare on Elm Street Home

Herner Klenthur

Earlier in the week Chris told you about the sale of the house that Wes Cravens Nightmare on Elm Street was shot in. The house it seems now has an offer and thanks in no small part to you our readers.

Whichever agent sold this home at the very least owes you horror fans a thank you for all the free marketing the house got online. The post was shared over 1,000 times which is actually a new record for the site and was exposed to literally hundreds of thousands of horror fans.

The home was listed for $2.1 million and is of course the home that Wes Craven made famous in 1984. As of today reports indicate that the 3 bathroom home in West Hollywood has an offer on it. Built in 1919 it is 2700 square feet and is the perfect home to raise your children in. If you happen to also be a Freddy Kreuger fan then added bonus!

My only question is which one of you purchased the shack and how long till we have one sweet house party in it?



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