5-minute clip of South Korean Thriller PSYCHOMETRY


psychometry-korean-thriller-1I am completely envious of the people who got the chance to see Kim Bum in Psychometry last week (March 7). Knowing that we have to wait for any news of an English subbed release and when this release will be, so on and so forth, just utterly fuels my petty frustration. Oh, woe is me!

The story of Psychometry tells about Yang Chun-dong (Kim Kang-woo), an infamous gangbuster detective who had been on the job for 3 years long. A little girl is then kidnapped and murdered under his jurisdiction, making him furious and determined to bring justice to the perpetrator. During the case, he suddenly noticed that the crime scene of the unfortunate little girl is the same as the mysterious graffiti wall art on the street. He starts tracking down the artist (Kim Bum as Joon) who drew it. Upon meeting Joon, Chun-dong arrests him and finds out that Joon possesses an ability to see the past by touching someone or something called Psychometry and has been drawing clues to crimes with it after living a lonely life, blaming himself for his gift; but Joon is still seen as a suspect for the murder. Deciding that he’s the only witness to the case, Chun-dong decideds to use Joon’s power to track down the real criminal.

A 5-minute clip of the film was shown prior to the movie’s release. Unfortunately, my Korean skills isn’t that polished to give a clear translation. I guess, we really need to wait. Darn it.



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      1. Elaine April 26, 2013 at 5:46 pm

        The movie looks interesting that even I want to watch it, wish it was being released in the UK as well.