Baise Moi Comes to DVD, Prison Time & Fines If You Buy It?

Herner Klenthur

BAISE MOI is coming to DVD and if you buy it depending on where you live it can result in a prison sentence and a massive fine. Makes me wonder what on earth is on this DVD? It is billed as one of the most controversial French films ever made and that is saying something if you consider films like MARTYRS and Irreversible both fantastic and highly shocking films.

Filmed on location in Biarritz, Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille using digital video without additional lighting, the films low-budget look once again divided critics; while some thought it added to the film’s uncompromising style, others strongly disagreed, with the New York Post going as far as to state that it “looked like hell”.

Sex and shooting assault the senses in this early-noughties cult classic – the name of which translates quite literally to ‘Fuck Me’ or ‘Kiss Me’ – a bloody buddy movie that’s like Thelma and Louise on acid. Banned on release in its native France as well as in numerous other territories, BAISE-MOI has provoked as much horror as it has acclaim, debate and column inches.

It is because of the film’s production techniques that it has recently been confirmed thatBAISE-MOI will never be released on the Blu-ray format. While some distributors may have looked to cash-in on an “improved” Blu-ray version, the original digital print of the film is not high quality enough to ever look any better than this DVD version, regardless of the medium it is shown on. Uncut and in Widescreen for the very first time, this is the definitive version of this modern-classic.



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      1. John W April 5, 2013 at 3:48 am

        I’ve owned the dvd for a couple of years now. There’s nothing really special about it. It’s basically as you said Thelma and Louise except with pornographic sex scenes. It’s not on the same level as say A Serbian Film or Irreversible.