Cabin in the Woods Ad Too Scary for Japan

Jason McDonald

While The Cabin in the Woods may be a fond memory (for some of us) it’s still working it’s way around the world.  Currently it has some rather unique ads being featured in Japan and, shockingly, they’re too scary for the Japanese people.  I mean, have you seen the movies that come out of that country? They’re really awesome, but twisted as hell.  So what could possibly bother them?

Well if you wander into the Tokyo subway station, you’ll find yourself face to face with a horrified woman trapped in a glass box.  Don’t worry, it’s not real.  It’s simply a video screen attached to the wall depicting a disheveled woman pounding on the window and pleading for you to help her.  The bloody image of the woman was so disturbing to commuters that they had to tweak the video so that the gore would be less noticeable.  Man, why don’t we get cool stuff like this?  Journey further down to see photos of the advertisement.

Source: Narinari (It’s in Japanese)

Girl In window 2 Girl in window 3 Girl in window


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