CineCoup Zombie Chick Flick Prom Night of the Living Dead

Herner Klenthur


Halloweenie has been covering CineCoup for the site but I am going to steal his thunder by posting about a new film I just discovered while watching the WolfCop Trailer ( which is genius watch it here ).

Prom Night of the Living Dead is Mean Girls with Zombies and as horrible as that mashup sounds the trailer is pretty solid. I think with a bit of tweaking the trailer which is solid could have been excellent and if the movie lives up to the trailer we could be in for a real treat.

As noted it feels like a Zombie chick flick with elements of Night of the Living Dead, Re-Animator and Swim Fan thrown in for good mix.

In ‘Prom Night of the Living Dead’ Kat is a socially awkward teen trying to win the heart of her dream boy, Nick. With prom not far away, Kat finds out she has to fight the most popular girl in school, Bianca, for Nick’s attention. Deciding the best way to win Nick’s heart is to remove Bianca from the equation, Kat cooks up a lab experiment to knock Bianca out.

When the potion accidentally turns Bianca and the rest of their class into zombies, Kat, her best friend Liz, and Nick escape the prom to find a cure and save their class so the rest of the town doesn’t find out.


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