Creep Van Movie Review


Creep VanDirected by Scott W. Mckinlay, Creep Van is about a young guy named Campbell (Brian Kolodziej) who’s a little down on his luck at this point in his life. However, he’s doing what he can to get his life back together, and that starts with a new job at a car wash that doesn’t pay well, but it’s better than nothing. Campbell hopes to save enough money to get himself some wheels so he won’t be forced to ride the bus anymore, something he fears hinders his chances with the ladies, specifically a co-worker named Amy (Amy Wehrell), who Campbell’s had his eye on since he started his new job.

Campbell’s need for a new ride leads him to consider buying an old creepy van that he noticed driving around the neighborhood. It’s certainly not the nicest of vehicles, in fact, it’s the type of van only rapist could appreciate, but the price is right and it’s better than the bus. Campbell’s interest in the van, however, soon leads him to harassment from the van’s owner through a series of phone calls and random run ins. Worse yet, and unbeknownst to Campbell, the van’s owner has been using his van to murder people in the area.

Right off the bat it is very clear that Creep Van is not to be taken seriously. The first death scene happens very early on, with a female character getting killed by a van window as it shuts closed, cutting the woman in half. It’s a pretty cool looking death scene, but the believability of it is obviously questionable. It isn’t long before it’s obvious that Creep Van is basically a full-on comedy with a slew of, thankfully, well executed, gruesome death scenes mixed in for good measure.

As a comedy, Creep Van really swings for the fences, but the results are mixed at best. There are some humorous moments and jokes that do actually work, garnering the random chuckle here and there, but overall the movie is a little too ridiculous for its own good. Thankfully there are a lot of satisfying kills that will likely make most gore fans at least crack a small smile. The van itself is an actual death machine, where every part of it can kill. From the before mentioned deadly windows of doom to a nail covered airbag, this creep van does much of killing all by itself.

Despite the sporadic funny moments and entertaining gore-filled deaths, Creep Van really begins to lose any steam and charm it had by the end of the movie. And there wasn’t a lot to begin with, so this basically led to boredom for the last 20 some odd minutes. The ridiculous premise and van kills are almost worth recommending this one, but for anyone who has the cojones to take a ride in Creep Van, you might want to wear a seatbelt, because ride is far from a smooth one.

2.5 / 5 stars     


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