Fede Alvarez Begins Writing an Evil Dead Sequel

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What do we have here, folks? With the Evil Dead remake finally receiving its premiere at the sold out SXSW, Fede Alvarez revealed a tidbit of totally badass news which has me super pumped for everything Evil Dead.

According to B-D, Fede Alvarez announced that he is currently writing a sequel to his Evil Dead remake.

I know there are a few haters in regards to the remake, but damn, I am so stocked to check this sucker out, and if the film is as awesome as the trailers suggest, then hell yeah, I’m all up for a sequel to the remake.

Here is something to get you thinking. With the announcement of Evil Dead 4 being wrote this Summer, could this be the sequel that Fede Alvarez may be hinting towards? Either way, more Evil Dead is good in my books even if it is a sequel to the remake.

Sound off below and let us know what you think?

Fede Alvarez Begins Writing an Evil Dead Sequel


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      1. bearmon2010 March 11, 2013 at 2:00 pm

        I rather old classic.. less sexy and more scary with humor. I will decide when i saw the remake first movie first but I know there are many sexy women which is annoying. Where are sexy men as well ? We are not sexy men ? Jeez!