Jennifer Blanc-Biehn Takes on Night Visitor

Jason McDonald

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn is set to make her directorial debut with a found footage film that blends sci-fi, horror and supernatural elements together.  Color me interested, but don’t you dare color me fuchsia.

Jennifer is adding to an already busy acting career that includes no less than five or six movies slated to come out this year.  Genre fans will remember her from such films as The Divide and The Vicitm.  I think she’s a perfectly fine actress, but I’m curious as to why she decided to step behind the camera for this project.  It’ll be interesting to see how she takes to directing.

The film is based off a screenplay that was written by the team of Kevin and Bradely Marcus who recently handled the remake of Hidden in the Woods

The Night Visitor effortlessly blends the sci-fi, horror and supernatural genres together with a beautiful balance of charm, humor and irony. I’m super excited to be a part of Jen Blanc-Biehn’s directorial debut, her vision and passion are leading the charge.

Night Visitor is being geared up for a straight to VOD release and will begin shooting in L.A. on April 4th.



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