Nine New Stills from Grow Up, Tony Phillips

Jason McDonald

I admit, I hesitated when I started writing up this report.  Grow Up, Tony Phillips is not a horror movie.  Watch the trailer and it becomes quite clear that no one is going to be cleaved in half with a machete or have their soul ripped out of their mortal body.  There might not even be a splattering of blood or a scare that rates higher than a slight startle.  So why even talk about it on a horror movie website?

Because most of us can relate to Tony Phillips.  To enjoy horror is one thing, but to embrace it like a true fan is too attract a bit of criticism and chastising.  While we know that horror can be as meaningful and poignant as any dramatic piece, the genre is still perceived by the uninformed to be the pleasure of those  who are less mature.  Tony Phillips represents this divide of growing up and yet holding on to old passions and so I feel for him in his quest to find legitimacy for his love of the macabre.

So with that being said, here are nine new stills from Grow Up, Tony Phillips provided by Badass Digest.

The film is directed by Emily Hagins and follows young Tony Phillips (Tony Vespe) who is entering his senior year of high school.  To Tony, Halloween is still the greatest holiday ever.  He loves dressing up and he’s not afraid to go trick or treating.  This, of course, does not make Tony the most popular kid in school.  When his older cousin (AJ Bowen) returns home right before the holiday, Tony starts to wonder if he really is the dork everyone thinks he is, or if he’s just ahead of the curve.

Tony Phillips 5 Tony Phillips 1 Tony Phillips 4 Tony Phillips 3 Tony Phillips 2 Tony Phillips 6 Tony Phillips 7 Tony Phillips 8 Tony Phillips 9


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