Official Trailer for Upcoming OVA of Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

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Official Trailer for Upcoming OVA of Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Inspired by the Corpse Party horror games and a sequel to Corpse Party: Missing Footage, a new OVA series is set to be released this summer and will consist of 4 full episodes. The series will arrive on two DVD volumes or Blu-ray box and will be premiered in theaters prior to its physical release.

The same production staff who handled the first OVA will be in charge of bringing the horror in these games to life: Akira Iwanaga (Elfen Lied, Pandora Hearts) is confirmed to direct this project with Seiki Tanaka serving as character design and chief animation director and Shoichi Sato as scriptwriter.

The story in the game follows a group of high school friends trapped one night in their school, Kisaragi Gakuen. Their school, however, was built over an old elementary academy torn down due to the disappearances and murders of its staff and students. The OVA series will begin when Naomi and Seiko find themselves in the now seemingly abandoned elementary school, trapped and with no idea where their other friends are. They try to find their way out whilst surviving the mysterious forces that haunt the cursed school.


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