Short Film Review: 2 Hours


2 HoursSet in a world where zombies have all but completely taken over the planet, 2 Hours is a short post apocalyptic film based on the concept that there is a 2 hour time frame in which it takes an infected person to turn into a zombie. The film’s lead character, simply billed as ‘Survivor, does indeed get infected, and what follows is the two hour countdown from initial infection to when he fully turns. What comes in between is every emotion that the survivor goes through as he tries to find other survivors as well as a cure.

Throughout the short, Survivor narrates what he is going through as he is changing, and it’s interesting to hear the internal conflict he has with both turning into a zombie and what he feels as he slowly dies. Survivor is also haunted by a woman from his past, someone who he seems to feel responsible for. It’s not clear what happened to her outside of the fact that she is dead and he seems to plagued by guilt. Did he let her die by accident, or is he simply just grief stricken?

Something that will be noticeable to most viewers is that the filming style is very much influenced by video games, with moments that are shot in a way that is very similar to a first person shooter. Even the overall look has a cutscene feel to it, which is something I enjoyed overall, but might be a turnoff for those not down with such a stylistic choice.

Considering how small the budget of 2 Hours is, the zombies look pretty good, sharing a similar look to what you would find in an infection movie, with the blood-filled eyes and the ability to sprint. The one main issue I have with the film is that the conclusion could have wrapped up faster. The kind-of-sort-of love story guilt in Survivor’s last moments feel a little dragged out, and this might be a bit of an issue for some less than patient people. Either way, this is still a very solid little short zombie film, and certainly worth the small amount of time it commands from viewers.

Check it out below, and please feel free to share your thoughts!

4 / 5 stars     

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      1. Szj August 31, 2017 at 9:51 pm

        The narration was incredibly grating and amateurish. Even at some emotional peaks, the delivery was so monotonous I was cringing. The film could have been half as short and had the predictable girlfriend backstory removed; it added nothing.