Wes Craven Dishes on Shocker and Scream 3

Jason McDonald

You know what? I think Shocker was alright.  It wasn’t the best Wes Craven flick, but it certainly wasn’t the worst.  In this interview with Crave Online Wes Craven unleashes a multitude of little known stories about his film making career.  It’s all in promotion for Yeah TV and if the info he dishes out on that service is half as good as the stuff he says in these interviews, I might have to check it out.

One of the tidbits that Craven brings up in the interview is a story about the Scream 3 that could have been:

The initial idea of Scream 3 was the daughter of the principal of a high school has a group of friends and they decide to kill students. That was going to be the basic plot. It would be revealed that the Sidney Prescott sort of character turns out to be the killer. And then Columbine happened. [That story went] completely out the window.

Craven also talks about Shocker and why he wouldn’t mind a chance to do that one over:

I’d like to redo Shocker just to get the special effects right because we had a real special effects disaster on the film. The guy who was doing all the visual effects kind of flamed out, had a nervous breakdown because he was attempting more than he could actually do. When he told us towards the end of the movie that not a single one of the special effects was actually working, he was working on a new technique, my son’s job specifically became just to find all the negative. It was all around town in unmarked boxes and under people’s editing [benches]. It was a nightmare itself. We pulled every favor in town to get all those special effects done very quickly and some of them are pretty sketchy.


It’s a really fascinating interview, I encourage you all to check it out.

Meanwhile, are you guys still up for a Shocker remake?  Or should that film just be laid to rest?

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      1. TheCreature March 19, 2013 at 12:17 pm

        Very interesting comments, I gotta say. I’d like to check out the full interview myself, as well.