Chinese film “Bunshinsaba” Scares up a Sequel


Back in 2004, South Korean director Byung-ki An directed and released the much-acclaimed psychological horror Bunshinsaba (a.k.a BiXian). After years of unconfirmed and speculated news, a Chinese remake was done in 2012 also directed by Byung-ki. The remake was a box-office hit at Chinese local theaters garnering over 40 million yuan (USD 6,471,640.00) in just a week after its debut, surpassing the record of 23 million yuan Mysterious Island earned in the previous year.

At the time when Byung-ki released his remake at the 2nd Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) in April 2012, he successfully launched his own production studio in China with Film Bureau director-general Tong Gang and investors.

Based on recent reports and after a year of preparation, a sequel to the Chinese remake of Bunshinsaba has finally been announced. Byung-ki’s production studio has discreetly kept a low profile on any further details and the exact storyline concerning the sequel but production officials have proclaimed in confidence that the film will most likely be released in August.

For sideline information, the 2012 remake follows a single mother trying to finish a new novel and her asthmatic 7-year-old son. Moving into a remote villa given by a close friend, a string of strange occurrences start to surround them upon her discovery of a box filled with photos and a doll her son found in the garden.


Source: douban


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