Could David Bowie Play Hannibal’s Uncle?

Jason McDonald

Alright, don’t get excited just yet!  There aren’t any negotiations or deals being made, but in a recent interview with Getty Images Entertainment Bryan Fuller talked about his casting wishlist for Hannibal.

“I guess my dream casting for the show would be to cast David Bowie as Hannibal Lecter’s uncle.  If we get a second season I will reach out and see if there is any interest.  NBC are saying that they’re very happy with where we are at so I hope that indicates towards a second season because I have a plan for season two that I think would be very exciting.”

Bryan Fuller wants David Bowie to play Hannibal’s uncle.  This man is a genius!  For now this idea exists in the land of unicorns and leprechauns, but the possibility that it might happen one day is enough to get my all tingly with excitement.  Thanks to Shock Till You Drop for turning me on to this bit of news.

David Bowie


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