Feel The Thrill of The Incredible Truth’s New Trailer


Have you guys been noticing the recent film associations between eastern and south-eastern asian countries? How Indonesia is teaming up with Japan, China with Japan, South Korea with China, Philippines with Indonesia? What the hell am I even saying? You get the jist of it, yes?

There’s already a handful of collab films (I don’t know the name for these kind of films, really) that have been released and are soon to release. Japan has been in this trend longer than any of its neighbors and China isn’t going to be left behind.

The Incredible Truth is an upcoming thriller film directed by Sam Leong and stars Christy Chung, Liu Yana and Megumi Kagurazaka. The film is set to show in theaters on April 28 but of course, the grace period before it gets released with English Subtitles is still unknown.

An artist named Jiajia promised to show her boyfriend, Wei Ling, around Japan but eventually fails to show up for no reason. After Wei Ling goes and gets accommodated in a family-run host spring hotel of Shimizu, Jiajia’s Japanese boyfriend, she brings her endless weird experience as if she’s haunted, and the hotel even sinks into a series of horrible homicides, in which the victims are all members of Shimizu’s family. Every clue found is connected to Jiajia. Shimizu’s servant Tadao begs Wei Ling to help them discover who the murderer is – But whether Jiajia is dead or alive, along with the identity of murderer remains a secret, until the very end.

Check out the impressive teaser of “The Incredible Truth” below.

Ren jian zheng fa (2013)-the-incredible-truth


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