Grisly Still From Backmask


Marcus Nispel has kept fairly quiet about his recent film Backmask. Brittany Curran recently tweeted an image from the film saying “This is what I look like right after I kill a few people.

Gage Golightly, Brittany Curran, Stephen Lang, Kelly Blatz,, Brett Dier, Nick Nicotera, Nick Nordella, and Michael Ormsby star. The screenplay is written by Kirsten Elms, and the make up effects were carried out by Shaun Smith.

Synopsis: During a sex, drugs, and rock-fueled party, six small-town teenagers find an old vintage record and decide to play it backwards in order to listen for any subliminal/satanic messages. Lo and behold, a seemingly malevolent spirit quickly infiltrates the group, wreaking havoc as it moves from one body to another. Eventually, however, it’s revealed that the spirit in question is actually trying to convey a message….and that the real source of horror isn’t particularly paranormal, but rather something (or someone) much closer to home.



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