Guillermo del Toro Talks Dark Universe


guillermo-del-toro-dark-universeGuillermo del Toro recently held a panel for Pacific Rim at Wondercon and he talked a bit about Dark Universe. In case you aren’t up to speed Dark Universe is a DC Comics film about Justice League Dark. A team consisting of supernatural characters.

Collider was on hand to catch all the interesting info:

  • He’s finished the bible for the film and hopes to start in on the screenplay soon with an unnamed writer he also hopes to announce soon.
  • A blond John Constantine will be the lead character who tries to recruit the other heroes.
  • The story will include elements of the Demon Knights and Merlin.
  • The team’s origin will be revealed over time instead of presented up front: Swamp Thing is already at peace with his lot in life and Deadman is still in search of the man who shot him.
  • Del Toro said that his favorite characters growing up were Etrigan the Demon and Swamp Thing so he’s loving the experience on this film.

This is sounding better and better. Del Toro always pulls through and hopefully he will deliver once again.


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