Teaser Poster for Horror Stories 2



There are many things most people would completely spazz over or fangirl on. Me? It would be sequels. Even better: anthology sequels. You do know what this means, right? Horror Stories 2 is definitely getting close!

Just a mere nine months ago, a group of talented directors had embarked us on a journey so terrifying that we ended up craving for so much more and by the gods, should they be blessed for granting our wishes!

A teaser poster for us K-horror fans have been released in lieu of the hype that is HS2.

The trailer is thus near by and the theatrical release is looming in quite close. I’ll definitely keep you guys posted on this! 😉

Until then, feel free to read my review on the first Horror Stories or my previous post on the plot summaries and director details of HS2.

Cheers! 😉



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