Thai Horror “Ghost Coins” & “Second Sight” Releasing in 3D


It seems the use of 3D in horror films won’t be going anywhere for quite a while. Dammit. Sorry but my opinions on 3D are not discreet and it may sound very petty but an individual post about it wouldn’t be sufficient enough to accumulate it all. I’ll probably make it go serial-wise. I kid.

So, Thailand is taking on the challenge of unleashing the wrath of TWO horror films in Real D 3D (was it fake D the whole time? Man, I’m hopeless): Ghost Coins and Second Sight. Hey! This post is a two-in-one sort of thing 😉

Both shooting this year, Ghost Coins will be directed by Pawat Panagkasiri (In The Shadow of The Naga) and the film will follow a group of youths who are consumed by greed and defy tradition by stealing from the dead.

A Thai belief instructs relatives to put coins in the mouth of the deceased for the afterlife. But for these reckless teenagers, even dead men’s money, stuck in their lifeless mouth, is still worth robbing. The corpses are decaying, half-rotten, swarmed by maggots. They stink to high heaven. But the teenagers have no qualms to put their hands into the mouths of the dead bodies, through the disgusting slime and goo, to extract the coins known in Thai as “money in the ghost’s mouth.” The more they steal, the more they grow wild and confident. The teenagers set out to the graveyard at Nok Liang Mountain, where the corpse of a millionaire with a mouthful of gold coins is kept. They steal the coins, but this time things are different. The spirit of the man returns with a vengeance, and the grave-robbers face unstoppable horror and violent retaliation. Death is not what the spirit wants, since death is too merciful. What it wants is something more horrifying.

The other film, Second Sight, is to be directed by Pornchai Hongrattanaporn and is about a man named Jet who was born with a psychic ability.

He loathes it because it makes him a freak in the eyes of others. Every time he reports his vision to friends, they think he’s losing his mind. Jet decides to keep his ability a secret. But soon he begins to discover a new use of it: He enters the minds of others and steals their secrets, and from just initial curiosity he starts to exploit such knowledge to his own advantage. When Jet falls in love with a woman, he breaks his own rule. He begins to use his paranormal ability to help his lover in a way that he shouldn’t. And the path of unpredictable future is leading him into a dark, unkind destiny.


Further news on the two films’ trailers and release dates on the following films are yet to be announced.



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      1. michael dobey March 8, 2014 at 6:04 pm

        Your opinions on 3d , are misguided. in fact we SEE in 3d. And a 3d movie can use 3d for natural depth. In the future with better technology , most viewers may demand that all films are in 3d. and why not? just because you like things flat, doesn’t make it better.