The Grave Bandits Adventure


the-grave-bandits-posterMy! Oh my! It has been a while since the Philippines has decided to make use of the fame of the walking dead and to some who are aware of this film: yes, I know I’m late in delivering the news about this but lo and behold! I have more!

Fresh out of Filipino-American director & producer Tyrone Acierto, The Grave Bandits is an indie horror adventure film about two young Filipino boys who make a living from grave robberies. Eventually they get caught by the undertaker and the boys are chased out of the town by him and the townfolk. Picking an island to hide from the angry mob, the place just so happens to be infested with cannibals with the crazy eyes. Still chasing the boys, the townspeople are attacked by the infected and just like the normal undead, they turn into hug-loving, warm bodies. Heh. Pardon my interpretation. The boys then comes upon a beautiful female island native who seems to hold the secret to the plague that engulfed the island. Trapped and with hardly anything to defend themselves, the grave bandits must use their skills to survive the dead island.

Tyrone Acierto brought his own team of filmmakers from Chicago and Producer Vanessa Ulgado put together a local professional production crew from Manila for the film. It stars Sandino San Juan, Robert Nunes, Jill Palencia, Ronald Pacifico, Amante Pulido and Millard Keung.

The Grave Bandits was the official entry for the Metro Manila Film Festival last November 2012 under the New Wave Selection category and amazingly, it won Best Director and Best Picture. Due to the success of its limited screenings in the Philippines, it has been announced via their Twitter account that a DVD release will be expected within this year along with a full theatrical release all over Philippines and it is soon to hit US theaters. Just last week, it was also screened at the ASEAN Film Festival in Sarawak, Malaysia accompanied by ten more Filipino films under different genres. Told ya I had more news 😉
You can check out zee trailer below with the transcribed translation.

Peewee: What do you dream to achieve in life? We can’t keep stealing like this forever, right?
Romy: I know… but that’s why we’re saving up.

Undertaker: You picked the wrong grave to steal from… you picked the wrong town too..
Romy: If I did something right, please let me know.


Peewee: Where are we?

Young girl: There are stories that the old people of our town used to tell.. a very evil story. Whoever holds the blood of the Demon will become his follower…


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