Trade In Your Soul for Pawn Shop’s Gruesome Teaser


It’s been a long time since we were gifted with a horror film that featured a hapless individual selling their soul to the Devil just for kicks or little bit of fame. And you have to admit, you love the feeling of wit as you shake your head, roll your eyes and sigh out the line “I told you so!” as the unsuspecting main character slowly dives straight down to their doom. It also seems Krissada Terrence is slowly building up his career with the reputation of portraying desperate men in dire and troubling situations that endangers his life and those around him (this depiction is also seen in 13 Beloved, a popular and soon-to-be remade 2006 horror film).

Pawn Shop” stars Krissada Terrence and Supaksorn Chaimongkol and is about a washed up songwriter who sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for a way to pay the growing list of unsuspecting bills burdening him. Of course, a price needs to be paid for a hellish deed and Krissada’s character ends up in the hands of supernatural consequences. Seriously, when did the choice of selling one’s soul become the only option to pay a few extra bills? You already know that it all doesn’t go well! Tsk! I told you so!

The film is already up for release on June 27 in local theaters around Thailand. Great, more waiting. Haha!

Check out both the teaser and poster for “Pawn Shop”



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